Our Mission

Humanity will encounter significant opportunities and challenges in this, and coming, decades. If we are to succeed as a species and civilization, we need to make greater progress toward achieving long-term societal goals such as: ending poverty, high-quality education for all, addressing climate change, and aligning AIs, among others.

These needs are well-known. Governments, companies, and individuals around the world are attempting to make an impact, but it’s not enough. Climate change continues to be life-threatening. Poverty is getting worse, accelerated by the covid-19 pandemic. Despite our best intentions, humanity continues to prioritize short-term politics and profits over true progress.

Governments and companies have failed to move the needle against many of humanity’s most important challenges and opportunities. We need new organizational structures. At Tephra Labs, we believe that decentralized human networks have the potential to be the right meta-coordinating structures for these large-scale problems. These networks can engage diverse participants and grow to unprecedented sizes (hundreds of millions of people). Further, they do not rely on the same kind of centralized direction-setting that is characteristic of governments and companies – making them lower overhead organizational structures overall.

Tephra Labs’ mission is to enable large-scale human coordination to address humanity’s most important challenges and opportunities. We aim to build the infrastructure to scale decentralized networks to billions of people, and to support network participants in leading consistent, purposeful, and fulfilling lives. Our hypothesis is that hyper-scale decentralized networks will grow by engaging people as independent workers, rather than employees. So, we are building the necessary products, tooling, and services to help independent workers thrive.

Our first product is Radius. Radius is a decentralized network that connects independent workers and teams to the best projects in web3. As part of the Radius project, we are building decentralized reputation systems, skills attestation protocols, and a user-owned and value accretive economy. In accordance with our mission, we will also build educational curricula and programs to help train Radius workers and onboard them successfully into web3 work opportunities. These decentralized ecosystems will scale by allocating financial capital towards important priorities and attracting the most qualified people. This is an idea we have labeled networked OKRs; you can learn more here.

Part of the challenge as we move to a more decentralized, organizational model for work is educating funders and workers about this new way of working. There are several projects at Tephra Labs to share new ideas, best practices, and open questions as we navigate this new future of work together. More to announce here soon!

We are excited to build the necessary infrastructure to enable the first billion-person organizations in human history. If this mission also inspires you, consider joining us. See our open roles here or check out Radius.